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Aug 28, 2015 ... We asked a few friends of the blog to nominate their favourite brands in the ... Björn Borg was the Lionel Messi of tennis in the early 1980s.

Björn Borg's New Underwear Line Proves "Nude" Is Not a Color

"It was impossible to do an airdrop in North Korea," Söderqvist told The Local. "Someone would get hurt. But we had promised to bear our underwear to the winner, and the world voted for North Korea. And we thought, who are we to say no? We’ve been given this mission, by the world. So let’s do it."

Jul 11, 2017 ... Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg has orchestrated a tennis match on the U.S. – Mexican border with one player on each side of the border ...

Discover the Bj ö rn Borg Online Outlet now available on Otrium!

We asked a few friends of the blog to nominate their favourite brands in the Brand of the Year category at Econsultancy and Marketing Week’s new Masters of Marketing awards. Here is Parry Malm with his nomination…

Mar 21, 2016 ... Underwear brand Björn Borg didn't decide to release their new "Skin ... Some folks, like fashion and beauty blogger Ofunne Amaka, have taken ...


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Björn Rune Borg is a Swedish former world No. 1 tennis player widely considered to be one of ...... 13 May 2008. ^ 2010/10/ ...

@alexanderarnholm travel blog pt 1

Just over a week into the campaign, The Drop's website experienced a traffic surge from South Korea. The North Korean capital sky-rocketed in the poll, gaining added than 25,000 votes overnight. By the poll’s end on October 31st, added than 53,000 people about the world had taken allotment in the vote, and 60 percent went to Pyongyang.

Jan 30, 2017 ... It is a familiar name within the fashion world, Björn Borg. The former tennis player created his own brand and nowadays almost every city centre ...

Björn Borg underwear: why I anticipate they’re the Masters of Marketing

“We also sent a amalgamation of underwear to the embassy, but it didn’t arrive and we don’t know why,” Söderqvist said, adding that the seductive undies might have been seized by the state.

Nov 19, 2013 ... In October Swedish brand Björn Borg pledged to drop 450 pairs of ... their picture taken with the underwear, the journalist reported on the blog.

Björn Borg drops undies in North Korea

The focal point of Björn Borg’s autumn campaign ‘Björn Borg says JA! to Weapons of Mass Seducton’ was The Drop, a scheme to “love bomb” underwear onto the city voted most in need of some love and seduction.

Björn Borg. Share. björnborg Björn Borg-4.jpg. Björn Borg-5.jpg. Björn Borg-3.jpg. Björn Borg-7.jpg. Björn Borg-8.jpg. Björn Borg-13.

Alexander's travel blog, pt 2

"We couldn’t even imagine a place like North Korea would win,” Lina Söderqvist, marketing director at Björn Borg, told The Local. "We had planned how we would pursue an airdrop, and we could accept done it almost anywhere in the world – except North Korea."

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